What is this all about?

Ever since I was young when adults would ask me what I wanted to be when I was older I would always have a little, hopeful voice inside my head saying “I want to be an artist!”. However as excited as that voice was I would never tell people this for the fear of their look of concern and then attempts to make it clear to me why being an artist wouldn’t be a viable or wise career choice.

This continued until I was 19 when I received my art A level coursework back from the year before. As I turned each page of the sketchbooks I laboured over for 2 years I realised it was time to stop dreaming, stop waiting for someone to simply ask me to be an artist and stop letting valuable time pass me by.

The realisation was scary, I was actually going to take the plunge and try and become an artist,when I’d always kind of accepted it as something I couldn’t do for fear I wouldn’t be good enough and wouldn’t be successful. The initial steps I took mostly included reading up on all the information I could about becoming an artist, being my own boss and keeping my passion for art whilst it was my profession. Of course nothing major has happened yet and everything is early stages, one of those being this blog! Other than the obvious practice and work on my actual artwork I feel the communication I have with others is vital.

Therefore I have created this blog to document my journey, although I don’t know for sure that success is in sight I’m prepared to give my best effort and follow the dream that I’ve always had but never had the courage to pursue, until now.

So for now I retire back to my books, paints and pastels with excitement for the future, thank you for reading!



Sections of my sketchbooks that inspired me.


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