Completing Tom’s piece

After the last post Tom’s piece has developed into something pleasantly unexpected!

I chose a diamond shaped piece of cardboard as my surface then coated this in gesso before painting the acrylic yellow, green and purple background colours. These were left uneven and blurred to give a more fluid appearance in the end. To be honest I hadn’t decided to paint the background any other colour than white until I had placed the images of my drawn flowers on top and thought it needed something extra. I enjoyed the use of a slightly more obscure surface, this was definitely one of my favourite aspects of this piece.

I then had a good 40 minutes deciding on the placement on the flowers, moving them around until they were ‘just right’. The decision to scan and then print copies of the flowers I had drawn was a difficult one, it almost felt like cheating by just printing copies when I could have drawn them individually. However, for me pattern is a key aspect to this piece and so I eventually conceded that using the exact image multiple times would be more effective than another method.

After cutting and sticking (definitely had a primary school flash back haha!) and some finishing touches with a gel pen I was really pleased with the result. Hopefully Tom likes it and enjoys reading all the questions when he’s not completely sober.



This piece has been a real joy to make and I’m really pleased it’s going to such a good home- take care of it Tommy!

Thank you so much for reading, 




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