What inspires me?

Its no myth that the student lifestyle brings stress, tears and debt but what it also brings is the nightlife. The nights sat with friends just watching tv and eating or the nights where you’re sweating in a club at 5 in the morning not ready for the night to end. I don’t study at a static university, so wouldn’t have what I think of as the ‘real’ university experience if it wasn’t for visiting my friends. Last year was filled with visits to cities like Leeds, Edinburgh and Manchester usually for nights out but I would end up staying a lot longer just to absorb a little more of that student lifestyle. 

You might wonder why I would rather pass out on the beer soaked floor of someones university halls at 5 in the morning rather than sleep well in my own comfortable bedroom in Lincolnshire. I would tell you that I’m just in love with the mess, the spontaneity and the happiness that we students have even though often we don’t have enough money for a munchie box (if you don’t know what they are you NEED to check them out!).

This is what inspires me to create. The thought of my friends making their way through student life discovering how to be an adult but at the same time doing things that would be seriously frowned upon for an adult to do. The realities of drugs, young love, true friendship and people discovering who they are and who they want to be is what fuels my creativity.

This year promises to be much like the last with me spending more time away in Edinburgh or Leeds than home and I am eager to use my experiences as inspiration for what I create. There’ll be some wild nights out and a lot of junk food, as they say- watch this space!

Thank you for reading,




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