What I want to try no. 1: Installations.

This past week I have spent partying in Edinburgh, the general atmosphere of the city is even better than usual at the moment with the Fringe happening so this has been a really exciting trip! As usual it mainly focused around nights out, this time it included being entertained from the likes of the techno DJs Denis Sulta, Bicep and Jasper James. For me this time has been amazing for inspiration with a lot of mess and general student vibes. An example of this is the less sober people become the less choosy they are about where they ash cigarettes, by the end of a night people have become quite creative and I have later found ash in hats, cans, crisp packets and yoghurt pots.

If you have read one of my previous posts ‘What inspires me?’ you will know that this type of thing is what really gets me going and inspires me to create. After this weekend I have really been considering the methods for how I want to convey my message and this has led me to looking more into installation art. I have always been a fan of installations because of the way that they really can bring the viewer into any moment the artist wants. I’ve begun to consider that if a picture can be worth a thousand words then I think an installation piece could be worth two thousand. For this reason I’m really eager to work on an installation piece, something that represents a scene from an after party at the end of an evening or maybe a scene from some of the student houses I visit, definitely something I’m currently mulling over.

I suppose my only concerns with an installation piece would be the space I use to create in- this would need to be unused for the time I’m playing around with ideas, the piece should probably also be easily packed away or stored due to this as well. I’ve even thought about possibly making a miniature scene from smaller materials to make this easier. However these aren’t massive issues and I’m sure I can work them out with a bit more thought.

Have you got any advice for someone considering giving installation art a go?

Thank you for reading!





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