A painting of a picture

Yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed (as usual!) and came across a news story that Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke had taken some photos with Lonely Girls Project, this was awesome news as I’m a huge fan of them and the program Girls and I do really love Jemima’s artwork too.

After checking out the photos I was instantly inspired- they are simply beautiful. The rawness of the pictures really made me feel empowered about the natural female body and I soon found myself painting one of them because I just couldn’t take my eyes away. Lonely Girls Project was new to me but I’m certainly a fan- nice lingerie and natural ladies doing their thing who couldn’t love it?!

To be honest I just grabbed some acrylics and gesso and pootled about with the paints, it was really lovely to do a painting from a picture I liked so much! As usual inspiration hit me at around 11:30 at night when I feel most active (hello poor sleep routine) so in the daylight today I can definitely see some things I would do differently about this already, but seeing as I was just having fun I’m not too upset about it- I actually like the imperfections about it in some ways I think haha!



If you want to go and check out the photos for yourself go to:https://lonelylabel.com/girls 

Thank you for reading!




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