Pepper prints and palette knives

Today was one of those days where I just didn’t really know what I wanted to do with myself. After my trip to Edinburgh I came back with a poorly toe and achy wisdom teeth and shortly after got put on antibiotics (which are pain when I like to eat ALL the time and you have to have them on an empty stomach), this was later accompanied by my monthly visit from mother nature so as you can imagine I’ve been feeling a bit meh.

But even if I’ve laid in bed with sweets for most of the day I’ve forced myself to get creative for at least an hour and today I wanted to have fun so I went back to my artistic roots and used a piece of pepper with paint to make some prints. Initially I felt a bit wooden but I just kept going and eventually started to like what was coming out of the session.


I’d picked up a palette knife to mix the paints and transfer them onto the pepper and started to enjoy using that more than the pepper in my other hand so decided to see what I could do with it. I had a great time, from the selection of colours to the final sweep of the knife across some smooth card- it was very satisfying. I actually think some of the things I did I would want to display, maybe this will become a more regular piece of equipment I use?


Just looking at these again is oddly satisfying, especially the excess paint at the edge of a strip where the palette knife has had less pressure applied, oh my!

Hopefully my health will improve soon and I can experiment a little more with these ideas!

As always thank you for reading,




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