It’s painting time

For me music and painting go hand in hand. So today I decided to really pair them together and paint based on how an album made me feel as I listened to it. The album I chose was It’s Album Time by Todd Terje, one of my favourites not only because of how it sounds but how it has been played during so many great moments in my life.

I played the album from start to finish and painted along with it. I used a range of materials: acrylics, inks, glue and markers on an old sheet and it was interesting to use a fabric surface instead of paper or canvas, but it did really swallow the paint and so a lot of each product was needed. Luckily this wasn’t too much of an issue and I had a lot of paint to hand at the time haha!

It’s so interesting to be able to look at each area of the piece and know what song inspired the marks I made or the colours that I chose to use, this has created such a nice connection between me and what I’ve made. I think this is why I feel so much happier creating abstract/conceptual pieces rather than anything else due to feeling like I can give a piece something special and part of me.

I had a really great afternoon working on this and was super tired afterwards from all the dancing I’d been doing. I think I will try this with a few other albums and have more good times doing it!


What albums would you paint alongside? 

Thank you for reading!




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