Where I’ve been…

I have been absent from here for quite a while! But unlike a lot of the time I have a valid excuse for my lack of attention to this blog. In September I was faced with a lot of choices and new beginnings, I have recently made my decision upon the largest choice and I am moving forward with it. What is this big old decision I hear you ask? I’m moving! I have made the decision to move to Edinburgh and live with some of my closest friends.

This will be my first time leaving the nest and living independently, slightly scary but mostly really exciting. If you’ve read my previous posts you will know that I spent a lot of time skipping between Edinburgh, my home base in Lincolnshire and other cities in the UK, this move will change this slightly…but not too much! I will now be based in Edinburgh but will still travel around the country where possible.

I feel extremely lucky and blessed to have this opportunity and I’m very excited to be able to really embrace all that Edinburgh has to offer me, especially in terms of culture. Already I have chosen a life-drawing class that I’m really interested in attending and I am eager to find a pottery class or workshop.


So I apologise for my absence but know that there are many exciting things to come in the near future!

Thank you for reading,




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